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About Us

Our exhibits introduce you to the canyons, grasslands, wildlife, forests & rivers of NE Oregon. Learn about restoration, conservation, sustainable agriculture & forestry. Take a hike & explore with us.

We offer family-friendly activities and short hikes we call Discovery Walks, as well as longer day-hikes and opportunities to tour ranches and local nature sites. We want to connect you with the wild landscapes of the Wallowa Country!

Since 2014, we've created many exhibits about the natural and cultural history of the Wallowa Country.

Discover why Northeast Oregon is so unique: canyons, grasslands, plants, animals, rivers, forests, lakes, moraines, and the geology of it all!

Wallowology Discovery Center opened to the public in June 2014. At our Natural History Discovery Center in downtown Joseph, Where Art Meets Science, we invite participants to explore and discover Eastern Oregon's lands and waters through exhibits, workshops, outings, and evening presentations by scientists, artists and others.


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