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About Us

Artist, landscape painter gathering images from experience in the alpine and desert. Exploring the alpine on skis in winter and on foot when the snow melts, gathering desert images with off-road motorcycles in the summer and fall. Dirt roads and trail riding for extended periods of time across the western United States. For example: rode with from Bend, OR to Las Vegas, Nevada on our Honda motorcycles. 39 nights in a tent, 10 days in hotels along the way. We saw the Great Basin, Grand Staircase, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon and many obscure sights on the trails to Vegas. Over 3000 miles and only got lost a few times to arrive safely in Las Vegas.

Similar adventures in the mountains both lift served and alpine touring for a minimum of 100 days a year on snow. We ski a lot which translates to a deep portfolio of alpine imagery.


Canyon study approx. 10"x8" original on canvas. Searching the Zumwalt area for ideas about the canyons and headwaters.
'Father's day summit' 30"X20" The other-worldly colors and unique geology on the top of Chief Joseph mountain. A 6 hour ascent was worth the scramble to experience this majestic peak.
'East Hurwal' 30"X20" original on canvas. As viewed from the top of East Peak, a study in snow melt and headwater creation.
'My 3 Sisters' 36"X48" original on canvas SOLD. 30 years of living in the shadow of the Cascades and always finding new views of this familiar horizon.
'Icicle Creek stones' 48"X36" I'mm interested in discovering patterns in nature, here the hard rocks are stacked upon each other and the icy blanket of snow helps to reveal the structure. Almost like masonry in construction, the order of geology has a rhythm that appears visually ordered.
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