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Red Rooster Cafe


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About Us

The Red Rooster was started as a family business, to keep everyone employed in Wallowa County. My father always said if you can’t find a job then create one.. So that’s what we did. In his memory the Rooster was created.
We wanted to be a part of the new generation of boomers that wanted Farm to Table food. Everything is made of fresh ingredients , no packaged food. We don’t even own a deep fryer. (Not allowed in kitchen) Since day one we have used coconut oil to cook with so the flavor is better, even though the cost is more it is worth it. (No butter whirl here)
Here are some of the creations made in house. Maple syrup, Berry Jam, Cracked wheat bread, hollandaise sauce, pie crusts, quiche, cinnamon rolls, fresh ground wheat pancakes, Johnny cake, biscuits, country sausage gravy, roast fresh turkey breast, red pepper aioli, etc.
The creative genius of my daughter designed the interior of the café, which you have to come and see for yourself. We have been able to keep up our rating of 100% with the Oregon health code, and take great pride in the cleanliness of the café.
So come and dine with us where the food is fresh and the smiles are free!


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