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Eagle Cap Shooters


Recreation (All)Non-Profit/Service Organization

About Us

Eagle Cap Shooters Association is comprised of numerous shooting enthusiasts. The association promotes firearm safety and education. Members' interest range from black powder cartridge, cowboy action, high power and small bore rifle, and pistol to trap and skeet, sporting clays, and air powered arms and archery. Our objective is to provide a safe place to enjoy these activities.

The ECSA is affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and the Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges (OASR).
To provide members, quests, public outreach, and other non-profit organizations with a safe and functional environment to pursue the educational, recreational, and competitive comradeship of all shooting venues.

To promote the safe use of all firearms and related equipment.
To provide a safe facility for our community and youth.
To encourage community involvement through membership opportunities.
To host competitive events and collaborate with other regional organizations in sporting or marksmanship contests.
To provide a safe facility for law enforcement to train and maintain certification.
To promote good citizenship and to conduct other lawful activities of a non-profit nature.

Hunters safety and ethics classes for youth and adults
Range safety officer training for new members
Formal rifle and pistol competition
Formal bench rest competition
Black powder cartridge competition and practice
Informal large and small bore rifle and pistol practice
Formal fun shoots and free breakfast
Informal shotgun practice


  • 1000-yard rifle range with steel targets and covered rifle house
  • 50-yard covered pistol range with steel targets
  • Shotgun practice area with electric turret
  • 5 competition bays
  • 1125-yard black powder cartridge range with steel targets


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