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Catherine Matthias Certified Irlen® Syndrome Screener


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One in six people worldwide has Irlen® Syndrome, an inability to process certain light waves, causing headaches and migraines, light sensitivity, and reading problems on a scale from slight to severe. Screening can determine the likelihood of the syndrome through a series of tasks and the use of color overlays. If screening shows one likely has Irlen® Syndrome, the next step is a test to determine if Irlen Spectral Lenses can alleviate the symptoms and reduce stress.

Studies have shown that a third of those diagnosed with dyslexia do not have dyslexia. They have Irlen® Syndrome which produces distortions of the printed page, particularly with black ink on white paper. Another third have Irlen® Syndrome and dyslexia, but unless the Irlen® Syndrome is dealt with first, remedial interventions cannot produce positive results. For additional information and a self test to determine if a screening would be appropriate, please go to or contact Catherine Matthias at


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