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Clinical Supervisor

Posted: 09/04/2022

POSITION TITLE:    Clinical Supervisor

REPORTS TO:     Clinical Director

SUPERVISES:    Licensed Outpatient Clinicians


Salary: DOE

POSITION SUMMARY:  Provides clinical supervision to school counselors and out-patient adult and child clinicians; oversees the WRAP and School Counseling Program; may oversee various processes including access, intake, and other administrative duties as assigned.  May provide minimal direct service as available and assigned. Will also take Counselor of the Day and crisis shifts.



Clinical Supervisor

  • Principal Duty:  Provide clinical supervision for clinicians utilizing WVCW supervision tools and processes, to include the review of charts and compliance with rules and statues; periodic discussion of ethical issues; case consultation; self-care and burn-out; periodic review of performance and feedback provided; and periodic review of development plan and training needs and training provided as necessary.

  • Deliverable:  Each clinician will have a minimum of two hours of supervision a month with at least one of those being individual supervision (the other may be group supervision).

  • Deliverable:  Each clinician will have a formal performance appraisal at least annually.  This will be a f/f appraisal in addition to written appraisal and will be placed in the personnel file within 30 days of f/f appraisal. 30-60-90 day reviews are encouraged so that feedback is continuous. 

  • Deliverable:  Performance Improvement Plans, when necessary will be written with consultation of HR, within 14 days of the identified performance issue.  This includes but is not limited to, on-going non-compliance of policies, rules, statues related to documentation; several complaints related to service delivery; poor decision making with possible ethical implications; and other issues related to performance.

  • Deliverable:  All MHA & SP of non-licensed QMHPs (under your supervision) will be reviewed and signed off on within 5 days.

  • Principal Duty:  Assure that assigned therapists are picking up newly assigned clients from the appropriate pool, and scheduling them within metric timeframes.  

  • Deliverable:   Newly assigned clients will be picked up from the pool within 72 hours..  90% of consumers requesting routine services will receive initial therapy appointment after assessment within 30 business days, or sooner as clinically appropriate.  

  • Principal Duty:  Facilitate treatment team meetings as requested by and in conjunction with Clinical Director weekly to confirm assigned new clients, staff clients being seen by psychiatrist, consult on cases, review crisis situations and facilitate chart review presentations for training purposes when appropriate.  Will utilize the WVCW case presentation formats, and will provide targeted training on both clinical and businesses processes as assigned by Clinical Director. 

  • Principal Duty:_Oversight of  School Counseling programs which includes ensuring that Program standards are met according to fidelity or steps are being taken to fully implement; monitoring key data points, providing feedback and data to other staff, coordinating training when appropriate, evaluating internal systems and processes, implementing change when necessary, providing information to leadership team; and ensuring that all reporting of data to State, GOBHI and Grantors, etc. occurs.

  • Deliverable:    Implementation Plans or Program Improvements Plans are developed and reviewed quarterly with Executive Director and other identified staff.   All required reports are completed and submitted by required due date (with support from QA/QI Coordinator); Training needs for staff for each program area are identified and plan provided to Executive Director and Financial Director for budgeting purposes. Programs are meeting fidelity or there is a plan for improvement in place.

  • Principal Duty:_Provide direction and coordination of care for children and adolescents in Wallowa County, to include outreach to other child serving agencies; participation in community meetings where child and adolescent needs are discussed (and/or request that other staff providing direct service to children/adolescents attend these meetings); plan and implement with others, key strategies that enhance services to the 0-5 population; and manage child psychiatry services.

  • Deliverable:  Ensure that all children in foster care system receive a mental health assessment within 60 days; CANS (Child & Adolescents Needs & Strengths Assessment) are completed for all children in WRAP; Pre-authorizations are completed within required time-frame when higher levels of care are recommended.

  • Deliverable:  Ensures that there is WVCW representation at MDT, Cradle to Career Committee, and other community meetings where children/adolescent needs are discussed.

  • Principal Duty: Clinical policies are reviewed annually in conjunction with other key staff to ensure that they have been updated according to CCBHC, OAR’s and ORS’s.  Provide revised policies to Executive Director and other staff as appropriate for review and signature.

  • Deliverable:  2-3 clinical policies are reviewed and updated each month as necessary and Executive Director’s review and signature requested annually for each policy.  Up to date policies are kept in the appropriate google folder for review by all staff.