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ACT Team Supervisor and Clinician

Posted: 09/30/2023

POSITION TITLE: ACT Team Supervisor and Clinician

REPORTS TO: Clinical Director


Wage Scale: $37.00-$50.00 (DOE)

Position Summary: Monitor and track the implementation of PSR and ACT: analyzing services both quantitatively and qualitatively (especially related to maintaining ACT fidelity). Lead team that provides therapy and case management services, including but not limited to: providing support to maintain the consumer's preferred level of independence and community integration; psychosocial skills training; and supportive counseling to individuals with mental illness and their families.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Patient and comfortable relating to individuals with severe or persistent mental illness. Proficiency coordinating services with care providers from other agencies. Willing and able to provide adequate written documentation of services rendered in order to satisfy Federal, State and ACT requirements. Ability to develop documents, spreadsheets and presentations that illustrate/track how PSR and ACT services are being implemented and improved.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Encounterable Services (50% 20 hours/week):

  • Provide individual therapy sessions, work closely with consumer when conducting Mental Health Assessments and developing Treatment Plans

Deliverable: Schedule at least 8 individual sessions each week (8 half-hour sessions = approx. 4 hrs.) Ensure that 24 consumers have Mental Health Assessments and Treatment Plans updated quarterly.

  • Work closely with consumer, consumer's family and community partners to obtain services for consumer including financial and housing assistance, transportation, mental health services, medical services, social services, personal care assistance and educational services.

Deliverable: Provide case management services as needed - making contact with approx. 8 consumers = approx. 4 hrs.

  • Facilitate and/or conduct training sessions (individually or in a group setting) to assist consumers in maintaining or achieving desired degree of independence. Sessions will focus on daily living activities to help consumer develop and/or maintain self-management skills such as personal hygiene, grooming, personal spending, maintenance of personal space and/or living environment, community access and self-expression.

Deliverable: Facilitate one 1 group every week - approx. 5 consumers = approx. 4 hrs.

  • Assist consumers with medication management and monitor medical issues, following physician's orders for all medications and/or procedures, and providing documentation of these services (Club Med)

Deliverable: Facilitate Club Med participation and access to medical care for enrolled consumers = approx. 4 hours each week

Paperwork (20% 8 hours/week):

  • Finalize Mental Health Assessments, Treatment Plans and Behavior Plans reviewing file, consulting w/team as needed.

Deliverable: Ensure that 24 consumers' Mental Health Assessments and Treatment Plans are updated in a timely manner. Develop Behavior Plans/Interventions for residents of residential programs as needed.

  • Provide times and accurate documentation for billable services provided to clients in accordance with WVCW, State and Federal policies

Deliverable: All billable services are entered into OCHIN each week

Miscellaneous (20% 8 hours/week):

  • Team Meetings

Deliverable: Facilitation of daily team meetings resulting in documented status updates and plans for follow up

  • Peer Group/Drop-In Center Issues

Deliverable: Peers report increased satisfaction overall, daily participation continues or increases

  • Supervision

Deliverable: File indicates that monthly supervision requirements are met

  • Become familiar with mental health policy and practice (including 40 hours of training/year)

Deliverable: Participation in 32 hours of off-site training (or RELIAS) per year (one day per quarter). Participation in at least 80% of onsite trainings provided

Team Lead Responsibilities (10% 4 hours/week)

  • Review ACT budget and develop policy and practice to increase efficiency and cut cost Deliverable: Schedule budget meeting, propose plan, identify % of savings
  • Create calendar system to track the timeliness of Mental Health Assessments ,Treatment Plans, and other paperwork, reminding staff as needed Deliverable: Completed Calendar, monthly status report identifying if target was met
  • Track weekly contacts with ACT consumers, strategize to improve and increase weekly contacts Deliverable: Utilize Google Drive tracking system, implementation of coding system to filter consumers based on needs, monthly status reports indicate contacts made
  • Research and develop community collaboration opportunities to improve both the program and consumer's quality of life, including but not limited to vocational development, fundraising, community integration, awareness and access Deliverable: Contact list of potential partners developed, assets listed, collaboration plan proposed
  • Communicate program successes and challenges to management, apply feedback and track changes/improvements Deliverable: Participation in weekly check-ins (can be via e-mail) with the Clinical Director. Identify next steps and completion dates, and provide monthly status reports.
  • Oversee ACT admission and graduation process and determine level of intervention necessary

Deliverable: ACT admission/discharge checklist accessible to all staff and admission/discharge meets fidelity requirements.

  • Track ACT consumers' level of care and provide quarterly reports that illustrate the levels of intervention over time; use the data collected to set annual ACT program goals. Deliverable: Determine baseline of service, provide monthly status report, submission of quarterly reports and annual goals set (also in accordance with ACT fidelity). Track PSRB conditional requirements and report the PSRB review board by the 10th of each month.
  • Assures a work environment that recruits, retains and supports quality ACT staff and volunteers. Oversees process for selecting, developing, motivating, and evaluating ACT staff and volunteers. Deliverable: All ACT positions are filled with qualified personnel. ACT personnel report job satisfaction and indicate adequate support provided by program director


  • must have QMHP Certificate
  • must be able to develop cooperative relationships with clinicians, other staff and managers, clients and their families, and the community.
  • Must be able to maintain excellent working relationships with physicians, law enforcement agencies, the court, public and private administrators
  • must be meet criteria of CCBHC OAR's and ORS;
  • must provide required reporting data as requested by supervisor;
  • must be computer literate and have the ability to utilize word processing and other software programs;
  • must be able to adhere to rules and laws pertaining to client and employee confidentiality;
  • must be able to communicate information in both oral and written form and have the ability to present and exchange information internally across teams and co-workers, and externally with clients and the public;
  • Must maintain licensure.

PHYSICAL DEMAND: While performing the essential duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use office automation including computer and phone systems that requires fine manipulation, grasping, typing and reaching. Sitting for several hours, working with clients, reviewing reports and other written materials, and talking on the phone. This position may occasionally be required to stand; stoop, kneel or crouch; climb or balance; life up to 20 pounds. The employee should possess a valid driver's license for vehicle travel between business offices and to attend required meetings and/or training.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Work is performed in an office environment and the noise level is usually moderate, but occasionally may be exposed to loud noise such as raised voice levels and alarms. Occasionally the work environment may extend to other community offices, client's homes, and the hospital. This position may be exposed to the everyday risks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions typical of such places as an office (i.e., moving mechanical parts, airborne particles, and electrical shock.

CONFIDENTIALITY: This position requires the handling of highly confidential information. Must adhere to rules and laws pertaining to client confidentiality.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Must be able to communicate information in both oral and written form with the ability to present and exchange information internally across teams and co-workers, and externally with clients and the public, Information communicated ranges from routine/ basic information to complex and confidential information

LEADERSHIP & TEAMWORK: Must be able to work effectively and constructively with other office staff, clinicians, the administrative team and all other staff. Participates in staff meetings.

Wallowa County Center for Wellness is an equal opportunity employer.

Position open until filled. Opening Date: 04/12/2023

To apply, submit an application online. Be sure to include a resume and cover letter.

Questions? Reach out to our HR Specialist Josey Ross at 541-512-7785 or email